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Recipes with Coffee

Tasty recipes from Cicchelli
The coffee is not just a beverage, is a flavor, an aroma that can enhance the flavor of any dish, be it an appetizer, a main course or another.
In this collection we have selected and chosen for you recipes made ​​with coffee, which according to our taste, better exalt the unmistakable aroma of coffee Cicchelli.
We invite you to try some of the dishes suggested, certain that you will discover a fantastic and different way of enjoying coffee.
Andrea Cicchelli



1 cup of coffee
200 ml of milk
240 grams of flour
120 grams of butter
2 teaspoons of baking powder
3 tablespoons molasses
Salt (a pinch)
Sugar (to taste)
Powdered sugar (a little)
Cocoa powder (one tablespoon)

Preparation of rolls with coffee:
Place in a bowl 240 grams of flour, then add a pinch of salt and two teaspoons of baking powder.
Add 60 grams of butter and begin to knead.
In another bowl, pour 200 milliliters of milk and half a cup of coffee and then add 3 tablespoons of molasses and a little powdered sugar.
Then add the second preparation (milk + coffee + sugar + molasses) in the first (pasta) and work the dough. Once the pasta is ready, roll it in a baking pan.
At this point, spreadable paste on the remaining 60 grams of butter. Spread another layer of cocoa powder (a tablespoon) and a little 'sugar.
Then roll the dough and roll it like a cut in slices. Place the rolls in a baking pan (keeping them a bit 'distant from each other) and cook over hot fire for about ten minutes.


Primi Piatti


The maltagliati are obtained with the same procedure of the puff pastry to the noodles, if the dough for six people is much you may use three quarters for the noodles and a fourth for the maltagliati that are no more than losanghette formed by the strips of noodles.


1/2 pounds of flour, 00 and 150 grams of semolina wheat
6 fresh eggs, a small quantity of water or milk corresponding to the volume of an egg-shell or a little more
100 g. of coffee powder, 1 cup of strong coffee, 2 dl of cream
50 grams of butter, 200 g. of ham, salt and nutmeg q.b.



The proposal is a soup recipe for every season, but if it becomes spring season introduces some ingredients such as beans or peas. The more flavor, pleasant news is that the soup is flavored with coffee and can be served hot or cold as desired.

160 grams of Tuscan pearl barley
100 grams of beans (dried or fresh, depending on the season or even frozen or canned as needed)
100 grams of fresh fava beans, 1 cup of espresso (concentrate)
4 or 5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 1 clove of garlic
Flavors: rosemary, onion or shallot
2 carrots, salt and pepper q.b., 200 g. of ham
Salt and nutmeg q.b.
Preparation of Soup Spring Coffee
Finely chop the onion and simmer in a saucepan with the oil

Add the beans (if dried soak for 12 hours will have been in plenty of water) and crushed garlic.
Cook with lid on for about half an hour or a pressure cooker for 12 minutes.

Add the pearl barley, carrots and rosemary and continue cooking for about half an hour or 12 minutes in a pressure cooker.
Add in the last five minutes of cooking a cup of coffee and enough water to a thick soup, but not water and flavored with a little salt it would take away the aroma of coffee.

Serve hot or at room temperature like it too cold



For coffee lovers, here is a recipe to be missed: the Rice Coffee!

Carnaroli Rice: 320 grams
1 scallion, 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 cup of coffee
Vegetable broth, Parmigiano Reggiano
The preparation of risotto Coffee:
First prepare the vegetable stock using carrots, celery, onion, radish and parsley.
Take a pan, add 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, chop the shallots and let it dry in the pan.
Now add the 320 grams of rice Carnaroli rice and let it roast in the pan for about 2 or 3 minutes.
Now add a cup of coffee, letting it evaporate.
During cooking, gradually add the vegetable broth with a ladle previously prepared.
At the end of cooking stir the risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano.



For lovers of coffee and pastry, here is a perfect match: spaghetti with coffee.

400 grams of spaghetti number 05
200 grams of cooked ham
60 grams of butter, 1 carrot
1 rib of celery, 1 shallot
Half a glass of red wine
A cup of coffee
Grated Parmesan cheese
Salt, pepper

How to make spaghetti with coffee:
Take a pan, add 60 grams of butter and sauté celery, carrot and chopped scallions. When done add the fried ham, diced (or chopped). Add a little 'red wine and continue to cook until it evaporates. Add salt and pepper to taste and then pour half a cup of coffee. Cook for about 5 minutes.
Cook the spaghetti. Once drained (we recommend keeping an al dente) spaghetti with Grana Padano cheese (or Parmigiano Reggiano, according to taste) and season the sauce with the coffee.
Mix well and serve piping hot coffee to the spaghetti.

Secondi Piatti



Who said that coffee drinking only after meals? Here is a recipe that combines pork and coffee.

Ingredients to make the roast pork with coffee sauce:
a cup of strong coffee
50 grams of butter
2 teaspoons of English sauce
1 teaspoon of mustard
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon sugar
How to prepare the roast pork with coffee sauce:
Take a pan and pour a cup of strong coffee. Then add about 50 grams of butter, one teaspoon mustard, two teaspoons of English sauce, a little 'lemon juice (just a tablespoon) and a
Mix everything together until the butter melts.
Then use this sauce to brush the coffee roast pork before and during cooking.
Once finished cooking the roast, cut into slices and serve with the sauce to coffee.




Here is the recipe for good biscuits with coffee.

200 grams of wheat flour (or the 00, as desired)
175 grams of butter
75 grams of sugar cane
30 grams of instant coffee or half a cup of strong coffee
50 grams of cocoa powder
Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder
2 teaspoons baking powder
a pinch of salt
2-3 tablespoons of milk
How to prepare cookies with coffee:
Soften the butter cut into small pieces at room temperature or microwave.
Then work the butter in a bowl with a whisk together the sugar and cinnamon until creamy.
Add instant coffee, or half a cup of strong coffee. Then add the cocoa and a pinch of salt.
Continue to beat with a whisk and stir in the sifted flour and baking powder,
If at this point the mixture is a bit 'hard, add a few tablespoons of milk.
Mix everything well.
Distribute spoonfuls on the plate of the oven, giving a rosette shape.
Cover the baking tray and bake for about 10 minutes in oven at 180 ° C.



Here is the recipe for the preparation of the pudding coffee.

4 coffees
4 tablespoons of white flour
50 grams of chocolate
Lemon zest
300 grams of sugar
How to prepare the pudding Coffee
Make the coffee. Then place the coffee in a saucepan, together with the flour, mix well, and boil for a few minutes. Meanwhile, melt chocolate and half stamp boil in 2 cups of water. Then add the chocolate to the mixture already prepared earlier. Then everything boil until it thickens. Pour into a mold (previously soaked in cold water) and then put into a container filled with cold water. Leave it here until it is well cooled, making sure that the water does not enter into the mold. The pudding is ready.



What's better than a good coffee ice cream to cool off in these hot summer days? Here is the recipe for the preparation of coffee-flavored ice cream.

Half a liter of strong coffee
Half a liter of milk
8 egg yolks
300 grams of sugar
How to prepare the coffee ice cream:
First prepare a pint of coffee very limited. Then heat the milk to boil. Then begin to work well the sugar with the egg yolks (which the uninitiated is the red part of the yolk of the egg). Then add, little by little, stirring constantly, coffee and hot milk. Then put it all on gas, low heat and bring to boiling. At this point, let cool, stirring occasionally. Once cooled, place in a container and freeze.



One new feature is the summer ice cream to coffee, a cross between coffee ice cream, sorbet and granita coffee at the cafe. This tasty cold coffee cream is proving very popular among coffee lovers. A good alternative to coffee cold, or blended coffee. Some people replace the espresso, as others tasted sweet after a meal, others as a snack mid-morning or afternoon, perhaps during a day at the beach or the pool.

Prepared for the Iced Coffee Cream
Especially in the bars and spaces are widely used preparations are ready to make this cream to coffee. The manufacturers are different, but the doses are these:
And a half liters of fresh milk, half pint of cream, 15 cups of espresso.
Stir the mixture for about 30 minutes at a temperature of -4 ° C.

If you want to try to prepare at home to the cream iced coffee, here's how.

Serves 6

Half a liter of milk
50 grams of sugar
50 grams of cream
10 grams of soluble coffee
Espresso ice
Preparation of cold coffee cream:
Prepare the espresso with mocha, put it in the classic bags and put the ice in the freezer until it freezes.
Then take an ice crusher and chop about 50 grams of cubes of iced coffee and 50 grams of ice.
Then take a food blender, add sugar, crushed ice, milk, cream and coffee powder. Blend all the ingredients for about 5 minutes, then pour it into cups and freeze.



Here is the recipe for the chocolate sausage also known by the name of sweet sausage or sweet.

Ingredients for making chocolate salami at the Cafe
Serves 4
200 grams of biscuits
100 grams of butter
100 grams of sugar
80 grams of unsweetened cocoa powder
50 grams of almonds
1 cup of coffee
3 eggs
Preparation of sausage chocolate cake and coffee
Chop the biscuits into pieces and almonds. Combine three egg yolks with the sugar and mix until it forms a smooth paste. Then melt the butter. Take a container and then add the cream eggs and sugar, then add the melted butter, cocoa and coffee and mix well until the mixture is well blended. Then combine the biscuits to the mixture and the chopped almonds before. Then work the dough and then place it on a piece of parchment paper or aluminum foil and roll it up by giving it a form of sausage. Then place in freezer until it becomes very hard. The chocolate salami and coffee is then served cut into slices.


Ingredients to prepare coffee cake
Serves 6

pasta Genovese
1 generous cup of Triple Sec
100 grams of butter
40 grams of powdered sugar
1 cup of strong coffee
2 tablespoons of cream
How to prepare the coffee cake
Prepare the pasta and cook for 6 people Genovese in a moderate oven for about 40 minutes. When well chilled, cut the dough into two parts, horizontally. Wet so the two disks of dough with Triple Sec mixed with a little 'of water (use a spoon). Leave to set. Meanwhile, mounted in a bowl the butter, and when it is very foamy, add the powdered sugar. Continuing to stir, add the cream pastry and a cup of strong coffee. Then spread one third of this cream on the lower plate of pasta Genovese and then cover it with another disc. On top of this disk of dough and then spread throughout the remaining coffee cream (keep aside a little 'to cover the sides of the cake).



The Bavarian coffee is always cold cream made ​​with eggs, bound with gelatin and whipped cream, to which is added to the aroma of coffee. It 'a cake whose preparation is quick and fast.

Ingredients for the Bavarian Coffee
Serves 6

1/4 of a liter of milk
2 small cups of strong coffee
4 egg yolks
1 vanilla bean
150 grams of sugar
1/2 liter of sweetened whipped cream
1 sheet (about 5-6 grams) of gelatin
How to prepare the Bavarian Coffee
Boil the milk on the gas and then add the vanilla infuse for about an hour.
Beat the egg yolks with the sugar, and when fully assembled slowly pour in the milk, stirring constantly. Add the gelatin, softened in cold water for a few minutes and then wrung out. Stir again.
Then place the mixture over moderate heat, gas and continue to boil without stirring (otherwise the cream goes wild).
As soon as the cream is like a veil attached to the spoon, pour into a bowl and let cool, stirring occasionally to prevent the development of the "skins". Add two cups of very strong coffee, and small and mix. It starts to thicken, add the sweetened whipped cream, stirring constantly.
Pour the mixture into a mold wet with water inside and fill to the brim.
Then cover with baking parchment white and refrigerate for several hours.
Before turning out the mold, dip it briefly in hot water or wrap it with a rag dipped in boiling water.


Ingredients to make Coffee Icing
1/3 of a liter of strong coffee
250 grams of powdered sugar
Preparation of coffee icing
Prepare the glaze coffee is very simple. Simply mix with hot coffee, a little at a time, the powdered sugar so that the mixture becomes fairly thick. And here's the icing ready to coffee, to be used hot.



Ingredients of Mascarpone Cream and Coffee
Serves 4
400 grams of mascarpone
4 teaspoons of ground coffee
Whole coffee beans (also fine coffee beans covered with chocolate)
Aroma of vanilla
1 tablespoon rum
4 biscuits type Pavesini
1 dash of spray cream (optional)

Preparation of Mascarpone Cream and Coffee
Take a large bowl and mix the mascarpone with the coffee. Once you are amalgamated, the cream will become a burnt color uniform. Now add the vanilla and then the rum. Divide the cream into 4 bowls high (before adding the cream, refrigerate the cups in the refrigerator for a few minutes) and sprinkle over the cream a bit 'of spray cream. At the end garnish with a few grains of coffee and cream pierce the center of a biscuit.



Ingredients to prepare the coffee cream (dose for 4 persons):
Coffee 1 dl abundant very small
6 egg yolks
50 grams of sugar
1 packet of vanilla sugar
1/5 of cream

Preparation of coffee cream:
Work the egg yolks with sugar and a packet of vanilla sugar.
Add to the mixture cooled coffee and cream, then mix well.
Place the creates in a mold and bake in a water bath for 15 minutes. It 's also possible to use different molds individual, one per serving.
Once the cream to cool, store in refrigerator.
It is recommended to accompany the cream with cookies.

Bevande e Cocktail



For coffee lovers, especially in summer, a possible variant is that of blended coffee drink, a cold drink made ​​of coffee (cold coffee shake).

Ingredients to prepare Blended Coffee:
Ice cubes (4-5)
Liquid sugar (to taste)
Espresso coffee (1 cup)
How to prepare the blended coffee:
Before starting the preparation of blended coffee, put the glass in the freezer where it will be served blended coffee. The best glass is the glass bowl with large and small rod (the martini glass).
Then take the shaker and add ice cubes (4 or 5 are fine). Then insert liquid sugar to taste (or sugar syrup). If you do not have liquid sugar you can use brown sugar (be careful not to put too much, otherwise it could not melt everything).
At this point pour into a shaker 1 cup of hot espresso.
Warning: the ingredients are placed in a shaker strictly in that order.
At this point, close the shaker and shake well for at least 10-15 seconds.
Pour the cocktail into the glass that we had put in the freezer, taking care not to spill the ice cubes, but only the drink.



The turkish coffee or Turkish coffee, is a particular type of coffee preparation widespread in Turkey and Arab countries. The origin of the turkish coffee probably dates back to 500. Turkish coffee is drunk in small cups and low.

Ingredients for making Turkish coffee:
2 teaspoons of ground coffee powder
1 teaspoon of sugar
Spices (cardamom or cinnamon)
How to make turkish coffee:
With a coffee grinder coffee beans ground evenly (or you can use ground coffee). Take a cezve (a special copper pot with a long handle) or a long, narrow saucepan and put in two teaspoons of coffee powder and a teaspoon of sugar.
Then add a cup of water and stir until the sugar dissolved.
Then heat the gas. Once the coffee starts to boil, the foam will appear. As soon as the foam begins to rise along the pan, remove from heat and put the foam with a spoon in the cup.
Put the saucepan on the stove and then, when the coffee boils again, remove it from the gas and pour the coffee into the cup. In practice, you must boil the coffee 2 times.
Before you can drink Turkish coffee, wait until the coffee powder has settled on the bottom.
E 'can also add to coffee spice like cinnamon or cardamom.



The Irish Coffee, also known by the name of Irish Coffee, Irish is a cocktail made ​​with hot coffee, whiskey, sugar and cream.

Ingredienti per preparare un irish coffee:
Irish Whiskey (Whisky irlandese)
Panna montata
Zucchero di canna

Composizione Irish Coffee:
5/10 Caffè
3/10 Irish Whisky
2/10 Panna liquida fresca
1 cucchiaino di zucchero di canna
How to prepare for the Irish Coffee:
Take a glass of 0.20 liters and preheat with hot water. Then insert a teaspoon of brown sugar and a glass of Irish whiskey (you can use for example Jameson or Bushmills). Then add a cup of coffee and stir well until sugar dissolves. Meanwhile, pour the cream into a shaker and start to shake for ten seconds until the cream is not mounted slightly. Then add the cream with a spoon, without stirring!
Tasting Note: The Irish Coffee should be drunk without stirring his coffee with cream



Would you like to drink coffee at home with creamy froth like coffee?

Here's how ....
Prepare mocha (coffee) and put it on the fire. Then prepare two teaspoons in a cup of sugar for each person who will take the coffee (for example if you have prepared the coffee maker for 3 people, enter into the glass 6 teaspoons of sugar).
Keep an eye on the mocha. It 's important not to move away from the stove because you have to take the first splash of coffee and immediately place it in the glass where you put the sugar. Once this is done you can put the moka suk gas so that it continues making coffee.
Then start to mix with one teaspoon sugar wet with the first sip of coffee out of the mocha. We must stir vigorously until everything becomes frothy. Then place two teaspoons of creamy froth obtained in each cup and then pour coffee. And here is obtained in a coffee house like the bar!



Ingredients to prepare for the Viennese Coffee
4 cups of strong coffee
120 grams of dark chocolate
4 tablespoons of whipped cream (the cream is fine spray)
4 tablespoons cream
Sugar (to sweeten)
Cocoa powder
Puff pastry (one dozen)
The preparation of the Viennese Coffee
Prepare a mocha coffee for people. Melt in a saucepan, over moderate heat (do not fry), chopped dark chocolate.
Prepare 4 cups and add a little 'cream. Once the coffee ready, pour it into the cups. Sweeten with a little 'sugar and then mix the melted chocolate with coffee. Then spray a little in each cup 'of whipped cream. Eventually, with a colander, sprinkle each cup a little 'cocoa powder and then sprinkle a little cinnamon.
Serve with Viennese
coffee puff of honey or apricot jam.