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ANKARA, Feb. 13 - The Coffee 'turkish, a symbol of Turkey, now has its first museum,'''' where visitors can learn how to do it in a more' correct can also obtain a certificate.

As noted the site of the daily Hurriyet, the establishment and 'was created at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Istanbul and is presented as'' the first place where the coffee' and turkish 'cooked and served in a more' distinct ''. The definition and the 'center of culture and research of coffee' turkish and is quoted referring to the inauguration ceremony took place Saturday in the presence of Minister of Culture and Tourism turkish, Ertugrul Gunay. The Minister, stressing the interest in the coffee 'turkish foreign revealed by a recent presentation of the product in the Far East, reiterated the importance of this drink for the Turkish culture and noted that - before opening the museum - no official step was done to reflect this importance.

'' A cup of coffee 'is remembered for 40 years,'' says a turkish said quoted by the minister referring to this drink popular in Turkey and Arab countries. What is turkish coffee powder prepared by putting the 'ground very fine in''''' ibrik, usually a small brass pot with water, sugar and sometimes spices like cardamom according to traditions. Thanks to a triple brewing coffee 'turkish looks syrupy and needs a few minutes of settling: what remains on the bottom of the cups and' object of a method of divination that caffeomanzia'''', the reading of the funds of coffee ' practiced in Turkey and the former Ottoman possessions in the Balkans.

'' Here we will serve the traditional coffee to tourists 'turkish'', the'' true'','' allowing them to experience the way it is done and served,'' said Orhan Hallik, the CEO of the company' Bkg that has promoted this and other similar initiatives with the Ministry of Gunay. It 'will also include an educational program'' in which'' taught'' as the coffee' came in the Ottoman Empire, opening the first coffee house'' and'' as the drink became popular in Europe.'' '' We will tell visitors the ritual, the one with which you are cooking and serving coffee 'turkish. Who will end up 'the educational program will be' given the certificate,'' he announced Hallik according to the summary of Hurriyet you do not specify the duration of the lesson.

The first certificate and 'was given to the minister who, after the opening ceremony, has prepared a coffee' in turkish kitchen installation. Turkey and 'particularly proud of everything and' considered and turkish national pride and 'a connotation of its policy so that the'' Turkishness'' and' protected by law. Another symbol of Turkey in the imagination of the West, the smoke, 'but very much in decline due to awareness campaigns and health-prohibitions imposed by the government in Ankara that can cover with a stylized flower orange cigar to Clint Eastwood when it comes to the fore on television during the sixties westerns duels trepidation.