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Coffee: the right amount for good mental alertness, without impairing sleep. The app says

Coffee can help you stay awake and to improve the readiness of memory, but if taken in excessive amounts can damage the quality of sleep, altering the rhythm of rest, and also cause nausea and nervousness. When it's time to get it right? To say there is a software developed for smartphones by researchers at Penn State University (USA), called Caffeine Zone, which indicates when the black drink could boost mental alertness and when, in fact, may cause nervousness and sleep problems .

The researchers collected data from previous cross-reaching studies calculate that drinking between 200 and 400 milligrams of caffeine improves alertness, while not affecting the quality of sleep should not exceed 100 milligrams. Ongi time of day, then, has its own amount of coffee to get to know the effect of caffeine you are drinking or that you intend to drink, users must enter the amount of caffeine drunk in the APA and, where appropriate, inform also how fast it happened consumption: the more coffee is consumed rapidly, in fact, the more there is an effect of mental alertness. The software produces the graph so the presence of caffeine in the blood, informing the lingering effects of the substance over time.

"If you drink much coffee at once to stay awake - says Frank Ritter, professor of information sciences and technology and author of the study - may have difficulty falling asleep. So, the next day, take a coffee to stay awake more, going to meet progressively more sleep problems. "

The presentation of the application - which the researchers explain, for now works only on Apple devices - has been made during the Augmented Human International Conference 2011.
"Many people do not understand how the levels of caffeine in the blood can rise and fall - concludes Ritter -. It is important to understand the effect that caffeine may have on different levels. "

Il Sole 24 Ore article by Miriam Cesta (02/17/2012)

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